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The Whiplash Recovery Center of Sacramento
At Capitol Chiropractic

9500 Micron Ave., # 108
Sacramento, CA 95827

(916) 368-1600

    College Greens
    Lincoln Village
    Butterfield-Riveria East
    Vintage Park-Churchill
    El Dorado Hills
    Cameron Park
    Gold River
    Rancho Cordova
    Citrus Heights
    Fair Oaks
    Elk Grove
    Rancho Murieta
    West Sacramento
    and the surrounding areas of greater Sacramento

Patient Testimonials

“I Get Results”
I was in a severe car accident in the fall of 2001, and never bothered to take care of my injuries. By the time I came to see Dr. Anderson in the summer of 2004, my condition was much worse. I was having terrible headaches on a daily basis, the range of motion in my neck was abysmal, and I was gradually losing the feeling in my feet. For all my attempts to avoid it, I had to rely on painkillers to function some days. My family had been seeing Dr. Anderson and had shown excellent results. Within a couple of weeks, my headaches were gone and the feeling had returned to my feet; over the following months my mobility returned and my general well-being improved. There are many things I love about Capitol Chiropractic, but the foremost is this: I get results. - Jason D.

No Longer Takes 10-15 Advil Daily For Pain
As the result of a car accident I had horrible pain in my neck, back, arms and head. I was in constant pain. No matter what I did I couldn't get relief, which caused me to be very irritable to everyone around me. I was taking between 10 and 15 Advil a day. A friend suggested I see Dr. Jeri. After seeing Dr. Jeri, I feel better than I thought I would ever again, and I no longer take anything for pain. If I have any concern, Dr. Jeri always listens. She goes out of her way to address my issues and makes me feel heard. Everyone in the office is upbeat and kind. It's a great place to be. Thank you! - Jennifer S.

Recovered From A Rollover Car Crash
When my 16-year-old son was in a rollover car accident in his 1965 VW Bus, with only a lap belt to hold him down, his first complaint was how bad his back hurt. It happened on a Friday afternoon and he was taken by ambulance, on a back board, to the ER. After he was released from the hospital, his pain became progressively worse. I knew exactly who to call. I reached Dr. Jeri on her cell phone and she came in to see him that Sunday. Because of the pain in his back, he could not stand up straight. She spent over 2 hours with him, taking x-rays, evaluating and figuring out what the damage was. After seeing Dr. Jeri daily for 5 days, he was standing up straight, and within 2-3 weeks he was virtually pain free. We continue to visit Dr. Jeri to ensure that he will continue growing without any lasting effects from this accident. I tell people she is our miracle worker and I am very thankful for having such a special person on my speed dial! - Kim J. (for Nicholas H.)

Patient And Spouse No Longer Suffer From Wife’s Whiplash Injuries
My car was rear-ended while I was driving down the freeway which caused neck, back, and leg pain. I couldn't perform my normal housecleaning duties. I was unable to lift anything heavy. It was painful to look down to read. Riding with my husband on a motorcycle was off-limits. Besides pain, I also experienced intense anxiety where I was unable to leave my home to go anywhere for weeks after. Not only did I suffer, but my husband did also; he wondered if he was ever going to get his fun-loving wife back.

I went to a medical doctor who had me bend my neck in different positions and said nothing was broken, did not take x-rays, however did offer therapy and muscle relaxers. Since I'm not a proponent of taking medicine I was disappointed in the care I received. I was sharing my disappointment with a coworker when she suggested I might want to consider a chiropractor. I told her that I was very afraid of this type of manipulation upon which she told me about a tool called an Activator that her chiropractor used. I went to Dr. Jeri because she is trained to use the Activator.

As a result of my care, I have my freedom and my life back. Most important is that I can once again enjoy riding the motorcycle with my husband. Dr. Jeri is not only a caring doctor, but she is a very caring person who provides assistance in any way she can. The staff in this office is the most positive I've ever seen in business. They not only make you feel comfortable and safe, they turn a bad situation into a fun experience. I trust the care of Dr. Jeri and staff so much that I've recommended friends, family, and strangers to this office. - Anne M.

Back To Normal Activities After Suffering Herniated Disc In Car Crash
I was in a car accident and I sustained whiplash and a herniated disk in my low back. I had such a sore and inflamed back that I couldn't stand up straight and had to stretch nonstop in order to go through my day. I could not be still unless lying down and even then it was torture to maneuver around. I couldn't even put my shoes on. Practically all activities ground down to a halt. I tried some ibuprofen for the pain, but nothing seemed to help. My coworker suggested that I see Dr. Jeri and I have no regrets with taking his advice. I can now walk upright and stand straight; my pain has decreased substantially compared to how bad it was I first came in. I am back to doing my normal activities. Dr. Jeri's practice works and her flexibility fits my lifestyle. I love the positive upbeat staff. I feel appreciated and not taken for granted, and in this world that rocks. - Rachell C.

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The Whiplash Recovery Center of Sacramento
At Capitol Chiropractic
9500 Micron Ave., Suite 108
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 368-1600

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