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Effectively Dealing With Rancho Cordova Car Accident Injury

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The Whiplash Recovery Center of Sacramento
At Capitol Chiropractic

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Sacramento, CA 95827

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Effectively Dealing With Car Accident Injury Pain

Neck pain, back pain and headaches are some of the most common types of acute and chronic pain that car accident injury patients complain of when seeing their medical doctor or chiropractor. The best pain management around is chiropractic care as chiropractic can offer natural pain relief. Not only can chiropractic often offer pain relief, chiropractic may offer improved mobility, improved nerve function and better overall health after auto accident injury. This certainly beats what pain medication offers whiplash patients. Pain medication generally masks the underlying problem without dealing with the cause of pain.

Besides the obvious side effects of gastric upset and pain killer addiction, side effects of long term pain medication usage may include liver failure, end stage kidney disease, increased risk of high blood pressure and increased risk of breast cancer in women. If you are in the Sacramento or Rancho Cordova area, call the Whiplash Recovery Center at Capitol Chiropractic. We are happy to assist personal injury patients recover from whiplash and/or car accident injury pain.

The Whiplash Recovery Center of Sacramento
At Capitol Chiropractic
9500 Micron Ave., Suite 108
Sacramento, CA 95827
(916) 368-1600

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